“Discover the Secret to Creating Your Dream Private Practice”

“Discover the Secret to Creating Your Dream Private Practice”

Building a coaching business depends on identifying your uniqueness and using this to stand out and market your brand and offer huge value to your clients.Next training Creating Your Dream Practice TBA – if interested please contact us to be added to our waiting list. 



We’re thrilled to see that you’re interested in creating your own private practice.

Create the life you want by refining your desires through the NLP process of using these conditions to identify well formed goals and well formed outcomes.Does having your own practice appeal to you, but you’re not sure where to start? You know deep down you have a lot to offer people, but you’re still not confident that you have what it takes to launch and market a whole new business.

Or maybe you already have your own private practice but it could hardly be called a “dream” practice. You’re still struggling to make your business work for you – which is really the whole point of being self-employed, right?

We are both life coaches with private practices and quite frankly we can’t imagine being in a different profession… but it wasn’t always easy. (Between the two of us we’ve had our share of ups and downs.) But now that we have successful practices that enable us to work with our ideal clients, while making enough money to enjoy time off to pursue our hobbies and recharge with family and friends, people want to know the secret to our success.

Our secret is simple… we’ve never stopped learning about excellence and applying what we learn in our personal and professional lives. That philosophy is the foundation of the Institute for Professional Leadership and our upcoming training on Creating Your Dream Practice.

Are you interested in learning how to apply excellence and build for yourself a profitable and meaningful career? Then this training is for you, read on to see what we mean.

Who will benefit from this unique training?

female coach discussing training with clientIf you’re interested in setting up a profitable practice while enhancing the lives of your clients, then this is the training for you! It’s primarily geared towards service-oriented professions such as life coaches, counselors, massage therapists, hairstylists, beauticians, nutritionists, personal trainers etc.

You’ll benefit from this training if…

You want to fine-tune your skills so you can make an even bigger difference in the lives of your clients.

You want to attract and work with ideal clients that benefit from your unique approach.

You want to a profitable income doing what you love.

You want the freedom and flexibility to choose your own schedule and really enjoy your time off.

Now when it comes to creating a “dream” practice a rare few are blessed with a miraculous launch of their business and this may happen to you. However, most of us have to work to create our dreams.

“Invention,” as Thomas Edison said, “is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” If that sounds like a lot of work…it is. But it’s crucial if you want a solid foundation for when you build a sustainable private practice. And the good news is that instead of a trial and error approach this training was designed to give you a huge head start.

What will you learn from this training?

Creating Your Dream Practice is a 12-hour course designed to help you develop a personal business identity through exercises, role-plays, discussions, journaling and processes.

woman at crossroadsDuring the course of the two days we’ll discuss and practice changing limiting beliefs and connecting even more deeply with your mission and purpose.

By the end of the course you will have clarified exactly what you want from your practice and where you’re headed. As you know, this is essential since it’s tough to get someplace you’ve never been before without a map!

You’ll walk away with:

  • Your own unique business identity connected to your own personal values. 
  • Clarity on the population you want to serve.
  • A compelling business vision. 
  • A better understanding of your relationship with money and marketing and a big boost of confidence.
  • Meaningful and supportive connections with likeminded colleagues who are in the process of building their businesses. (Our graduates continue to support and refer to each other even years after our trainings.)

We are committed to your success, and this includes providing the coaching and support necessary to help you make well-thought-out and systematic progress in achieving the personal and professional life you want.

Can you learn all of this on your own? Possibly, but most likely it will take months if not years of trial and error. Instead, why not make a commitment to yourself right now to make excellence your goal?

How is this training different?

You’re learning from people who are living the dream! What we’ll be teaching isn’t theoretical; it’s proven formulas for success that we’ve applied successfully in our own private practices.

Rather than dry book learning, this is a mix of lecture, discussion, live demonstrations and experiential practice in an emotionally supportive group environment. You will set-up your own personalized plan for your dream practice that you can implement right away!

This program is backed by our money back guarantee. We’re confident that you’ll love this learning experience, however if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your tuition (with the exception of the nonrefundable deposit).

We limit the group size so you get all your questions answered and become highly skilled. Many students comment that the group connection they experience in IPL trainings is among the strongest they have had in their lives.

Our trainings take place in beautiful Ashland, Oregon in our comfortable training center.  There are several eateries nearby and we can offer out-of-towners some great recommendations as there are a wide variety of accommodations in the Ashland area, ranging from upscale hotels to Bed & Breakfasts to Air B&Bs. 

What our participants have to say:

“Maria and Nando are truly genuine. Their vision and mission radiate continuously throughout the course.”
~ Tara Buscher, Teacher

“An amazingly wonderful learning experience full of compassion and wisdom.”    
~ Mark Michael, Life Coach

“I walked away with a wealth of information and solid tools to prepare me for my deeper dive into coaching and mentorship. Very inspiring and fun too!”          
~ Drea Besch, Copywriter & Consultant

“I am so grateful to Maria and Nando for putting together a world-class training that has given me so many new skills to enrich my life and all those I communicate with.”
~ Penny McCoy, Healer & Life Coach

“Maria and Nando are wonderful, knowledgeable, passionate trainers. If you want concrete coaching skills, I guarantee you’ll leave this course with thought-provoking and profound personal transformation!”
~ Michelle Hardy, Life Coach

“The Life Coaching course is outstanding: a well-structured, comprehensive, extremely well-presented life changing experience.”
~ Marion Assenmacher, M.A., Life Coach

Are you ready to create your dream practice?

Then join us to get started on your journey with a proven roadmap in hand. Next training TBA – if interested please contact us to be added to our waiting list.

We look forward to sharing with you what we’ve learned it takes to be a happy and successful as a life coach. Please contact us with any questions! We’re not just saying that, we would really love the opportunity to talk to you personally about your aspirations and goals.

To ask questions, email us at: info@instituteforprofessionalleadership.com

And remember you’re protected by our money back guarantee. To join us please click on the following link to submit your application:

Get Started with Your Application.

We’re 100% committed to your success! Join us in this journey to creating your dream practice.

Maria Connolly and Nando Raynolds, founders of The Institute for Professional LeadershipSee you soon!

Maria Connolly and Nando Raynolds

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April 23-26, 2020

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