Women in Leadership Retreat

Women in Leadership Weekend Retreat

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Women use their leadership qualities to look for connection and purpose as they want to live up to their full potential and influence others to do likewise.Embody your own personal brand of
leadership and quickly generate compelling
results for yourself and others.

Women and leadership… it’s a hot topic right now, isn’t it?

Leadership is an important topic to us personally.

We believe that every human being – young or old, male or female can be a leader.

Sadly, many women never fully embrace that role, professionally or personally, and thereby miss out on fully reaching their potential. They also step back from golden opportunities to teach, inspire and model excellence in others.

But the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re someone who wants to make a difference.

Our goal is to help you as a woman facing the challenges of the 21st century to
develop your own personal brand of embodied leadership.

What is “embodied” leadership and why do you need it?

Personal power is a dynamic, moving force. It reflects the kind of energy you bring into your life, your relationships, and your accomplishments. Embodied leadership empowers you to put forward a more inclusive, bold and centered vision for yourself.

You feel empowered when you are at peace with yourself, you are comfortable in our own skin, you are clear and deliberate, and you are deeply connected with others and yourself. From this place you can step out into the world with more love, openness, and purpose.

In this retreat you’ll see how embodied leadership will open the door for you to:

  • Enjoy the flexibility to follow and the courage to lead by developing sensory acuity and responsiveness.
  • Maintain your integrity while interacting with another in a strong way through physical alignment, communication skills and adherence to core values.
  • Remain resourceful under pressure by understanding your reaction to stressors.
  • Honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to work on and what to delegate to others.
  • Say yes or no with confidence by learning how to gracefully move towards and move away.
  • Dream big by being as big as you are even when those around you are small.

Does that sound like a lot to accomplish in just one weekend? It is!

But we have a formula that enables you to absorb and
apply powerful leadership principles…

Discover our formula for embodied leadership

When you think about learning leadership skills, are you visualizing sitting and listening to “experts” lecture on the topic? We have been taught to think of learning as something that happens in the mind. 

But, in reality we learn through our bodies. Profound learning means being able to take new actions. 

This is especially true for leadership – it is about taking skillful action, generating compelling results and inspiring others.  So rather than dry book learning, this workshop includes discussion, live demonstrations and experiential practice in an emotionally supportive group environment. We’ll walk you through our formula for embodied leadership that will generate results much faster than you ever thought possible.

Formula: Somatic Principles + Leadership Principles = Dynamic Embodied LeadershipSomatic Principles

In order to make profound changes, you need to embody the knowledge in a physical way. Your body is the center of your lived experience in the world. When you are more aware of your body at any given moment, you can adjust, make changes to convey understanding, motivate, or inspire. Conversely, you can dissolve habits, behaviors and interpretations of the world that are no longer relevant.

Leadership Principles

Effective leadership depends on cultivating two basic capacities: 1) Being open and receptive to whatever is coming at you. 2) Advocating for and promoting your position clearly and powerfully. What we pay attention to shapes the energy we bring to whatever we’re doing. Learn how and when to focus on yourself, on others and on the world. Discover Yin/Yang, so you know how to honor the opposites as part of the whole.

The result of applying these principles is the development of
your own personal brand of dynamic embodied leadership.

Walk out of this retreat with your own roadmap

During the weekend we will ask you to work with a goal, affirmation or declaration – something that is really meaningful to you, something that you have carried in your heart for some time. Together we will give it life, refine it, and learn how to put it forward with intention, clarity and courage!

5 steps you’ll take to create your embodied leadership map:

  1. Declare your big dream. A powerful statement that articulates your clear and compelling vision and connects it with purpose and values.
  1. Acknowledge your fear. See where fear and your dream collide. Be willing to change some of the old, familiar structures that no longer serve you.
  1. Begin designing your life with new choices in support of your declaration.
  1. Concentrate your energy, thoughts and beliefs to support your declaration.
  1. Prepare your body for action. Acknowledge the physical impact of dismantling the old structure as you take new steps towards your goal.

We encourage you to begin now to think about what your
personal declaration for embodied leadership would encompass…

What our participants have to say…

“I found myself in the Women in Leadership weekend during a time of self-doubt.  Nando and Maria held space through respectful and heartfelt acceptance while also offering skills to strengthen my sense of Self.  The community of women created during the weekend was most memorable and inspiring.  I left the weekend feeling more capable and ready to move into my dreams.” ~ Michelle Katz, Creator and Director of Oaks Counsel

“I was honored to be part of a group of amazing women who challenged, supported and honored each other. Maria and Nando created a safe environment in which we were all able to dig into those places we keep hidden and examine what we have buried. I am a stronger woman because of this experience.” ~ Kim Miller BSN, RNC-OB

Take the first step in strengthening your leadership


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