Professional Development: Somatics & Spirituality

Professional Development: Somatics & Spirituality

Deepen and enrich your professional practice with…

  • New skills in somatics and spirituality to add to your therapeutic toolbox.
  • Powerful techniques to assist your clients connect with and embody the wisdom of their own bodies.
  • Insight and training to help your clients be empowered by their core values as they work towards meaningful goals.
  • An intensive results-oriented training, that takes 4 days rather than over weeks, months or even years.

The human experience is made up of an integration of the mind, body, emotion and spirit. When we engage the full dimension of all of these, even higher levels of success and fulfillment become possible. Being aligned in all aspects of life is the holistic approach that highly effective coaches and therapists know they must master.

somatics and spirituality enrich your professional practiceIn our combined 30 years of private practice, we’ve found somatics and spirituality are each profound ways to deepen your professional practice and make you even more outstanding and valuable to your clients. Which is why we’ve decided to make this the focus of our upcoming training – Professional Development: Somatics & Spirituality. 

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Rather than the majority of professional development trainings that focus on the mind and emotions, we’re going to explore ways to enrich the body and spirit as well.

Somatics creates a much higher self-awareness than traditional psychotherapy and personal-development coaching. The word somatic comes from the Greek root word “soma”, which means “the living body in its wholeness.” By learning somatic principles you’ll be able to incorporate the entire body in the coaching process, which leads to not only faster but longer-lasting results.  The body is a profound source of wisdom; helping your clients connect to this wisdom in themselves allows them to make even more rapid breakthroughs!

Spirituality is about knowing who you choose to be, the nature of your mission, and how this is connected to values that are larger than yourself. Spiritually inspired life coaches bring their own clarity about these issues to their clients as an additional source of transformation. This includes respectfully helping their clients define their own beliefs and values. Incorporating spirituality into your practice will help your clients connect on a deeper, more passionate level in every aspect of life.

Who Will Benefit from this Training?

This program is for life coaches, therapists, and other professionals who work to effect meaningful change in the lives of their clients. You will have the opportunity to refine your therapeutic toolbox with new approaches. Learn how to assist your clients connect with the wisdom of their bodies and embody their core values. Discover ways to help your clients integrate their unique understanding of spirituality in a way that inspires them to reach for their most heartfelt dreams.

This is also an opportunity to upgrade your own life skills in these areas and savor the way this improves your life. Your personal development will not only enrich your life but the lives of your clients, family and community.

Here are highlights from the program:

We’ll explore how to integrate somatics into your practice with the following areas:

  • Techniques to connect with one’s innermost self. Learn how to help your clients attain mind/body awareness through mindfulness, breathing patterns, centering and the ability to scan the body.
  • Methods for relieving physical pain, stress, and tension. Discover how a daily practice of body awareness through movement can minimize the impact of stress in your clients’ lives.  We will be presenting materials from qigong, martial arts and the Feldenkrais Method®.
  • Skills that enhance performance. Practice powerful visualization and reframing exercises as well as anchoring techniques that will help you teach your clients to preset their response to specific situations.
  • Leadership training by mastering communication. Fine-tune your leadership skills through the use of role-play and by learning powerful communication techniques including NLP and persuasive body language.

We’ll explore how to integrate spirituality into your practice with the following four areas:

  • Cosmology is your understanding of the way life, the universe and humans work. You will gain clarity on your beliefs so you can guide your clients even if they believe something completely different!
  • Ethics are your understanding of right action, and the factors and values relevant to these choices.  Many clients will need support in clarifying their values and making difficult choices.
  • Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment with compassion towards yourself and others.  Many clients will benefit from support in developing consistent mindfulness practices and in building their skills in being compassionate.
  • The ability to choose your state of consciousness includes being able to choose your emotional and cognitive outlook and keeping yourself in a balanced mood.  It also includes knowing how to deliberately put yourself into “higher” states of consciousness.  This is the core skill that underlies mastery.  Strengthen this in yourself and also learn how to help your clients cultivate it as well.  

How Is This Program Different?

Our courses aren’t book learning. We offer highly-experiential courses, so you get hands-on guidance and feedback from our qualified trainers. It is a mix of lecture, discussion, live demonstrations and experiential practice.

We limit the group size so you get all your questions answered and you become highly skilled. Many students comment that the group connection they experience in IPL trainings is among the strongest they have had in their lives. Students are also supported in setting up personalized plans for further learning and practice following the conclusion of the class.

What our participants have to say…

“Maria and Nando are truly genuine. Their vision and mission radiate continuously throughout the course.” 
~ Tara Buscher, Teacher

“An amazingly wonderful learning experience full of compassion and wisdom.” 
~ Mark Michael, Life Coach

“I walked away with a wealth of information and solid tools to prepare me for my deeper dive into coaching and mentorship. Very inspiring and fun too!” 
~ Drea Besch, Copywriter & Consultant

“Maria and Nando are wonderful, knowledgeable, passionate trainers. If you want concrete coaching skills, I guarantee you’ll leave this course with thought-provoking and profound personal transformation! 
~ Michelle Hardy, Life Coach

“The Life Coaching course is outstanding: a well-structured, comprehensive, extremely well-presented life changing experience.” 
~ Marion Assenmacher, M.A., Life Coach

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