Life in Balance, The Seven Keys

Life in Balance: The Seven Keys

7keysWould you like the keys to…

  • Function at your peak performance
  • Embrace your present experience without judgment
  • Let go of past hurts while keeping the lessons learned
  • Treat yourself with the kindness and patience you bring to others
  • Nourish healthy relationships with others
  • Envision your future and how to get there
  • Live with meaning, purpose and spirituality

We invite you to gain SKILLPOWER (much more powerful than willpower) to achieve greater balance and harmony in your life.

Much of the suffering and discontent that people experience in life is due to skill deficits. We don’t automatically learn the skills we need to achieve excellence. The good news is by identifying and systematically strengthening key areas, your life will naturally improve.

IPL’s Life in Balance: The Seven Keys program helps you systematically hone the specific skills that contribute to a deeply satisfying and effective life. This process is deeply empowering. You will gain an expanding understanding of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are impacting your own experience of life, gaining greater and greater choice.

This comprehensive program gives you the building blocks to cultivate balance and satisfaction in everyday life. It draws on solid research and specific knowledge of human behavior, and the impact of mindfulness and consistent practice on neuro-physiological wellbeing.

This is a powerfully inspiring, yet practical training program. In the company of others, with plenty of time to practice, you will quickly become skillful with advanced strategies to take personal excellence to a new level! An extensive discussion of the Stages of Change, the Stages of Learning and Changing Habits allows you to delve deeply into what makes people tick.

Enjoy the excitement of finally knowing exactly how to make a lasting difference in the lives of yourself and others as you put the 7 Keys together in a way that really works!

The 7 Keys You Will Master:

  1. Balanced self-care: In order to function at peak performance, you naturally need to follow a self-care program that attends to diet, exercise, sleep, social contact, stress management, avoiding addictive behavior and taking any necessary medications. Identifying your body’s needs in these areas and building habits to support yourself is a significant work in progress.
  2. Self-understanding and mindfulness: Humans are complex organisms and, from a scientific perspective, we are still learning the basics of brain function. It is very helpful to have a basic understanding of what to expect from your human organism! It is essential, also, to be able to pay attention without judgment to your present experience (mindfulness).
  3. Freedom from your past: We have all learned from our experiences what to expect from ourselves, others and life. Some of what you have learned continues to be helpful, while some of it is an ongoing source of pain. Choosing what to retain and where to retrain is essential for staying current in your life.
  4. Self-empathy: Most people have never learned to treat themselves with the kindness and patience they have learned to bring to others. The skill of self-empathy is deeply related to issues of self-motivation and overall wellbeing.
  5. Nourishing relationships with others: There are concrete skills for creating more nourishing relationships, including being able to explore difficult topics with others and to resolve conflict. Gaining these skills leads to emotionally cleaner and more effective relationships of all kinds.
  6. An inspiring personal vision and concrete goals: If you do not know where you want to go, you are unlikely to get there. An effective life includes an inspiring vision and detailed plans for how to manifest that vision.
  7. A meaningful spiritual life: A meaningful life is lived in relationship to something larger than yourself. You have your own personal experience of spirituality and it is deeply nourishing to give that appropriate time and attention.


As you explore our trainings, you’ll find our approaches and methods are varied and numerous, yet deeply connected. These trainings will link the present to your future, offering you tools and processes for sustainable, ongoing development and success. To us, “going beyond,” means advancing to the next step and beyond the next step.

Deep, sustainable change and development happens via meaningful experiential learning, not superficial quick fixes. You get hands-on guidance and feedback from our qualified trainers in a mix of lecture, discussion, live demonstrations and experiential practice.

“An amazingly wonderful learning experience full of compassion and wisdom.” ~ Mark Michael, Life Coach

“The Life Coaching course is outstanding: a well-structured, comprehensive, extremely well-presented life changing experience.” ~ Marion Assenmacher, M.A., Life Coach

“What I have gained from this course is immeasurable and multifaceted! Not only, I learned more about how human beings make sense of the world; also, I learned more about myself, my strengths and immense potential. This class has helped me regain confidence in the ability to develop a private practice as a counselor and coach. I know I am now more skilled, with better tools to help others. I feel so much appreciation for this opportunity!” ~ Maruka Sada, MS, LPCi

“I loved the safety I felt within the group and with Maria & Nando! I loved the way we learned skills, practiced them and discussed our own processes. I loved the positivity, enthusiasm and compassion that Nando & Maria exuded and infused in all they did. This training has supported me in tapping into my own intuition and unique ability to present with others.” ~ Aura Aryeff

“I love that this is a real training from “real” people who care. It is not a “Hollywood show” as I’ve seen in other trainings and seminars. From this training, my level of self-compassion has risen tremendously. I came in feeling hopeless about some situations in my life and I leave with the realization that I am in control and I have control over my life. I now do what I want and I am treated how I want to be treated! Thank you, Maria & Nando!” Tara Turner, Teacher

Getting Started

Life in Balance: The Seven Keys is offered as part of our training, Foundations of Life Coaching, NLP and Creating a Life in Balance. In this introductory program you’ll learn how to coach anyone – yourself, your kids or clients. You will also learn the basics of NLP, gaining profoundly useful insights into how we use our brain, allowing you to radically improve the effectiveness of your communication. Click here to learn more.

Check our Training Calendar for the current schedule. Please contact us if you want to learn more, we also offer weekend workshops on specific Keys.

Advanced Life Coaching & NLP Training

April 23-26, 2020

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