Foundations of Life Coaching and NLP

Foundations of Life Coaching and NLP

Are you ready to become who you were meant to be so you can share your inner brilliance with others?

Foundations of Life Coaching, NLP and Creating Life in Balance

The idea of being a leader appeals to you…You love the idea of teaching, coaching and inspiring excellence in others.

But is something holding you back? Do you have an inner drive to inspire and help others, but doubt keeps getting in your way? Do you have something big to share with the world, but insecurity is keeping you small?

You’re not alone. We tend to breakdown and “fix” our problems in a segmented manner. But that never gets to the core issues that are holding us back from sharing our true brilliance as leaders.

And when we fall short our tendency is to blame our lack of willpower. We think, “If only I had tried a little harder…”

Here’s the really good news. What you need isn’t more willpower… it’s more Skill Power!

When you develop powerful skills in your thinking processes, communication styles, and forms of behavior you can achieve goals both personal and professional and help others do the same.

It’s about creating your foundation for success with a set of skills that empower you to meet any and all challenges. This course, “Foundations of Life Coaching and NLP,” is geared towards learning these must-have skills. 

Who Will Benefit from this Training?

You will if you are interested in…

  • Mastering your subconscious mind to quickly learn, adapt and meet any challenge
  • Absorbing proven NLP skills that will give you a distinct competitive edge
  • Learning how to coach anyone – yourself, your kids or clients
  • Enriching your own personal development with heightened communication skills
  • Empowering your profession with new skills you’ve learned, practiced and integrated
  • Doing all of this in an intensive 3-day training rather than over weeks, months or even years

This in-depth training is essential for anyone considering a career helping others as a life coach and is a prerequisite for other more advanced IPL coaching certification classes.

But we have many others, besides coaches, who join us every year for these trainings. Professionals, who want to enhance their communication and leadership skills, greatly benefit from learning these skills. And others choose to take this course for personal development. They’ve found it profoundly improves their communication skills and their understanding of themselves and others.  

“I am so grateful to Maria and Nando for putting together a world-class training that has given me so many new skills to enrich my life and all those I communicate with.” ~Penny McCoy, Healer & Life Coach

Our next in-person trainings are scheduled for September 17-20, 2020, in Ashland, Oregon and include Online Training that will begin as soon as you sign-up.

What Life-Transforming Skills Will Your Learn?

It’s offered over 4 days and integrates an introduction to the foundation skills of Life Coaching, our Life in Balance: The 7 Keys program, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Here are highlights from the program:

#1 How to Grow and Change Deliberately

Changing long-standing patterns is not easy. Understanding what it takes to grow, learn and change deliberately will set you up for success in this and any future training you undertake!

You will discover…

  • How to delve deeply into what makes you and other people tick.
  • How to make sure you have SMART goals that are clear and reachable.
  • How to navigate the frustrating stages of learning, knowing that continued practice is what leads to mastery.
  • How to step out of your comfort zone without getting into the danger zone.
  • How to keep yourself motivated by tapping into six different sources of influence.

#2 Life in Balance Training

Life in Balance: The 7 Keys unlocks the mystery of developing a balanced life through centering practices, mindfulness and greater awareness.

An extensive discussion of the Stages of Change, the Stages of Learning and Changing Habits allows you to delve deeply into what makes people tick.

Enjoy the excitement of finally knowing exactly how to make a lasting difference in the lives of yourself and others as you put the 7 Keys together in a way that really works!

Coaches who’ve taken this training have modeled this curriculum to help their own clients achieve goals and cultivate more balance in their lives. They’ve reported amazing results their clients have achieved by putting these 7 keys into practice.

#3 NLP Training

You’ll learn 20+ basic NLP skills (i.e., Establishing Rapport, Pacing and Leading, Active to Deep Listening, Sensory Acuity, Psycho-geography, Presuppositions, and much more.)

These NLP skills allow you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors, as you desire – a powerful tool you can use to create real and lasting change in your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

It will also transform the way you communicate, thereby improving every relationship in your life.

NLP is a must for life coaches – you will have the opportunity to practice how to incorporate the best techniques with your unique personality.

#4 Life Coaching Training

Get your coaching practice off to the right start by gaining a thorough grasp of what ICF life coaching is as you explore an ethical approach to gaining rapport and trust with your clients.

In the process, you’ll learn “what not to do” and more importantly, how to:

  • Begin and manage your client relationships
  • Create a dynamic coaching presence
  • Design your unique style of coaching conversation
  • Learn the power of questioning and accepting beliefs
  • Become skillful at effective planning and goal setting that gets results
  • Keep yourself and your clients motivated through accountability, positive feedback and praise
  • Learn how to market your coaching in a way that naturally attracts clients who are eager to work with you

By the end of this course, you’ll know which level of certification is right for you.

Our next class is scheduled for September 17-20, 2020 in Ashland, Oregon. See below for registration details and to apply.

How Is This Program Different?

Our courses aren’t book learning. We offer highly-experiential courses, so you get hands-on guidance and feedback from our qualified trainers. It is a mix of lecture, discussion, live demonstrations and experiential practice.

We limit the group size so you get all your questions answered and you become highly skilled. Many students comment that the group connection they experience in IPL trainings is among the strongest they have had in their lives. Students are also supported in setting up personalized plans for further learning and practice following the conclusion of the class.

But you don’t have to wait until we meet in-person to begin! As soon as you sign-up you’ll be given access to:

Foundation of Leadership Excellence Self-Study Program

This is a prerequisite to joining us for our live, in-person life coaching and NLP training weekends. In this self-study, from the comfort of your own home, you will work through four pillars that are necessary to creating a foundation of leadership excellence. This will empower you to “hit the ground running” when we meet in person, where you will be given the opportunity to model and practice the life-altering strategies you’ve already learned at home. (If you’ve already worked through this self-study program on your own, you qualify for an additional discount. Don’t forget to use your coupon code when signing-up for this live training.)

Private IPL Coaching Community via Facebook

This is where you can begin interacting with fellow students. This will give you the chance to begin connecting and brainstorming with your colleagues so you’ll have new relationships established when we meet in person.

What our participants have to say…

“Maria and Nando are truly genuine. Their vision and mission radiate continuously throughout the course.”
~ Tara Buscher, Teacher

“An amazingly wonderful learning experience full of compassion and wisdom.”
~ Mark Michael, Life Coach

“I walked away with a wealth of information and solid tools to prepare me for my deeper dive into coaching and mentorship. Very inspiring and fun too!”
~ Drea Besch, Copywriter & Consultant

“Maria and Nando are wonderful, knowledgeable, passionate trainers. If you want concrete coaching skills, I guarantee you’ll leave this course with thought-provoking and profound personal transformation!
~ Michelle Hardy, Life Coach

“The Life Coaching course is outstanding: a well-structured, comprehensive, extremely well-presented life changing experience.”
~ Marion Assenmacher, M.A., Life Coach

“An amazing experience! Having studied NLP on my own, I was unsure how much value I would get from this class. Now that the class is complete, I know it was a great investment. Having the structure and two experts available to answer questions was incredibly helpful. The fellowship of passionate people and the strong friendships we formed are priceless. I received so much more than I signed up for.”
~ Ben Fisher

Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Skills?

Our next Foundations of Life Coaching and NLP class is September 17-20, 2020 in Ashland, Oregon. But remember, you get to enjoy online learning as soon as you sign-up!

>>>Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing and pay only $630, by paying in full by August 15th (after that the price is $700).

>>>Save even more and become Certified. If you would like to deepen your learning, and become a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, you can join us for an additional training on November 5-8. Click here to learn more about the Life Coaching Certification and NLP Training. By combining both trainings, you save substantially. Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing and pay only $1,440 for both trainings if paid in full by August 15th (after that the price is $1599.)

Space is limited, reserve your spot today with a $500 deposit ($250 non-refundable).

No risk!  If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your tuition! 

Click here for registration details and to apply.

Questions? Please contact usWe’re not just saying that, we would really love the opportunity to talk to you personally!

Advanced Life Coaching & NLP Training

April 23-26, 2020

Are you ready to advance your skills to the next level?
Step into this learning zone where you have the freedom and the support to pursue mastery of life coaching and NLP skills that you’ll use every day for the rest of your life!