Nando Raynolds

Nando Raynolds MA, LPC

Nando Raynolds MA, LPCNando brings 25 years of counseling experience and his own personal integration of material from Hakomi, NLP, and Energy Psychology to his work.

His interest in blending the wisdom of the mind and body has led him to study and teach T’ai Chi and qigong for 30 years, in addition he has his 5th degree black belt in Karate and his third degree black belt in Kenpo. He has practiced and taught massage, and Contact Improvisational dance.

His MA is in Transpersonal Psychology and he’s committed to bringing practical spirituality to his teaching, consulting and coaching.

Nando is the Clinical Director of the Community Counseling Center of Ashland, a low fee counseling center where counseling interns train and practice while accumulating the experience needed for their next step towards state licensure. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at SOU.

He’s published a book and DVD on T’ai Chi and a self-help workbook: Transforming Your Inner Critic Into an Inner Coach.

As a presenter and trainer, he is known for his clarity, enthusiasm and humor. He’s excited to help people integrate their work with their core values and to develop the skills that will make them outstanding in their fields.

You can find out more about Nando Raynolds on his personal website:

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