Institute for Professional Leadership

About The Institute for Professional Leadership

The Institute for Professional Leadership is a national organization committed to helping others live more fulfilling and healthier lives. We believe that the best leaders pursue personal excellence and know how to coach themselves, so our first focus is on helping our students develop their personal skills; these form a reliable foundation for leadership.

The mission of IPL is to help people go beyond their current levels of competence, and to make a real difference in both their own and the lives of others. Our work is about supporting, developing and empowering people, individually as well as in groups, teams and organizations, to realize their full potential.

Our approaches and methods are varied and numerous, yet are deeply connected. A key theme in our work is integration, the bringing together of parts into a coherent high-performing whole.

At IPL, we are creatively engaged in cultivating a world we would like to live in by striving for personal excellence through the process of inspiring and empowering others to create the lives they want. Together we create a rich synergy of cutting edge learning and methodical and focused practice. We believe that real change starts with learning and embodying skills that promote wellness. We strive to help individuals realize potential, raise performance and become more successful and fulfilled in their lives, however that is defined.

To us, “going beyond,” means advancing to the next step and beyond the next step. We link the present to the future, offering tools and processes for sustainable, ongoing development and success and for making a positive contribution to one’s life. We support and facilitate others to move from where they are to where they want to be. We especially account for a person’s context and take a systematic perspective to support change that is ecological. By ecological change we mean change that takes into account the whole person – their history, values and current emotional and psychological state.

We work with the full dimension of human experience: mind, body, emotion and spirit. Success and fulfillment occur when one is fully engaged, present and aligned. This is a common theme in our work: facilitating alignment with respect to identity, values, mission and life purpose, on the path to reaching one’s full potential. Most of all, we believe that deep, sustainable change and development happens via meaningful experiential learning, not superficial quick fixes.

Our programs include trainings in NLP, Life Coaching, and our trademarked personal development program, Life in Balance: The 7 Keys. We also consult with organizations who wish to enhance teamwork, refine management and promote system-wide excellence. Maria and Nando are also both available for one-on-one personal life coaching.

Our Mission

To provide quality training and organizational support to the health and human services community. We want to develop human resources, to discover and disseminate knowledge, and to use that to promote the wellbeing of our community and beyond. We develop in our clients keen personal and professional competencies that are integrated with their core values and sense of purpose. Inherent in our mission are methods of instruction, research, extended education, and public service designed to educate people and improve the human condition.

Our Vision

We envision our community, nation and world being an interconnected system of learners where each individual is following his or her own path while supporting and contributing to the lives of others. To help bring about our vision, we follow our mission to inspire, nurture and support those dedicated to improving the quality of life in our communities. This is enhanced through our commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, collaborative partnership, and community and global engagement.

Advanced Life Coaching & NLP Training

April 23-26, 2020

Are you ready to advance your skills to the next level?
Step into this learning zone where you have the freedom and the support to pursue mastery of life coaching and NLP skills that you’ll use every day for the rest of your life!